Psilocybin is the active compound in Magic Mushrooms and Truffles. If you take them in a ceremonial and safe setting they can take you on a deep and profound journey.

In our groups sessions as well as the individual journeys we facilitate, we work with an intention, a question if you like, something to work with.

You will make a deep journey into your inner world, where you can face patterns that no longer suit you, where you can experience unconditional love, and an un-judgemental state. It can offer you different perspectives on your life, your relations and your goals.

For some it can be a life changing experience, others find assurance they are on the right path. Some will struggle to surrender to the medicine.

It is hard to predict what the outcome a psychedelic ceremony will be, but from experience we can say that almost everybody goes home touched and fulfilled in some way, soft and full of love.

Psilocybin can be an interesting option for those using medicine that doesn’t combine with the MAOi that is one of the components of Ayahuasca. That said, there are a few restrictions for using Magic Mushrooms safely also.

Some History...

Then, in the late 30’s, two ethnobotanists, Schultes and Reko, discovered morning glory seeds and psilocybin mushrooms were still being used by the local ‘doctors’ in Medico. These two men published their findings in the Harvard University Botanical Museum Leaflets.

In the 50’s, amateur mycologist R. Gordon Wasson heard about the discoveries and decided that he wanted to find out more about these mushrooms. Wasson traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico so he could discover more about the effects of psilocybin mushrooms. In 1955, he was allowed to be part of a shamanic ceremony where mushrooms were used, under the guidance of indigenous shaman, Maria Sabina.

Wasson wasn’t supposed to publish his findings, as Sabina did not want her work to become mainstream. However, Wasson later decided to publish what he’d found out in the Life Magazine in 1957. This type of media coverage popularized the term “magic mushrooms”, and people became very interested. In fact, many people traveled to shaman Maria Sabina’s village to experience psilocybin themselves, whereas Sabina was not pleased with so many visitors.

When the 1960s rolled around, these mushrooms had become a counterculture symbol. They became widely popular and heavily used in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Psilocybin mushrooms created such a powerful impact on the culture of America that it was eventually used as a symbol of the hippie movement.

Many clinical experiments took place after this by researchers and mental health professionals. In 1960, psilocybin pills began to be distributed by Sandoz Pharmaceutical at 2mg per pill. The psychedelic was looked upon to be a promising treatment aid, in combination with psychotherapy, for those struggling with anxiety, depression, OCD, schizophrenia, and alcoholism. There were also many who used the mushrooms to expand their inner spiritual landscape.

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